Feminism Disease

One of the most shocking and troubling moments of your life, men and women alike, is when you realize you have been infected with Feminism Disease (FD). Most of us have always had it and were born with it (born into it). Like most underlying diseases that have no easily definable symptoms it can go undetected for years.  Symptoms are vague and can easily be associated with other ailments or personality quirks. For example, an entitlement attitude is generally written off as a normal millennial attitude, a bitchy woman is just bitchy–its not that it might be due to the demands of taking on a man’s role when she isn’t created for that role, or a male who is shy around girls or people in general is just “socially awkward”, its not that society has so thoroughly feminized him that he has no clue what it means to be male or exert dominance.

The bad news–FD is incurable. The good news–FD can be managed and managed well through taking the “red pill” and continuously being aware that FD will always be a part of you. At the first discovery of FD you will go through a range of emotions: denial, anger, bitterness, sadness, feeling deceived.

I have always said that I am very much a woman who is “like that”. Why? Because of FD. Feminism was breathed in through the culture I was born into and thus it became a part of me. You probably have to go back at least 100 years and to very small religious communities to find people who are completely FD free.  Given almost everyone is infected doesn’t make it normal or that it should be something we accept and embrace in society. It is still an aberration from the state we were intended to be.

To give a clear picture of Feminism Disease, I am going to outline it in the style of popular medical encyclopedia. Red Pill readers–please suggest any changes and I will consider, especially for “symptoms” as I am sure the list could be much longer.


Feminism Disease (“FD”) has been around since the dawn of humans. Certain periods of history have had outbreaks or “waves” of FD that reach epidemic numbers. The cause of each outbreak is unknown, but is generally thought to be caused by an unrest in female spirit and temper.   While primarily a disease that targets women, men are certainly not immune as they catch on to the contagious aspects of the disease. FD effects the mental and emotional faculties and is generally characterized by entitlement, moodiness, irrationality, superiority, and a dislike for men.


One or more of the following may be a sign of FD:

  • entitled
  • irrational
  • a “deserving and demanding” attitude
  • moral dominance and moral superiority
  • a general belief that women are the superior sex and therefore are always right, should be defended, and set on a pedestal
  • dislike men and patriarchy
  • sexually promiscuous and/or embraces and celebrates the “slut” label
  • women only: overly confidant and ambitious. Careers are more important than family. Domineering.
  • men only: overly demure and effeminate


FD is believed to be caused by mental and emotional unrest, discontentment, or rebellion.  Simply participating in society will most likely cause an onset of symptoms.

Risk Factors

Everyone is at risk. FD does not discriminate, including religions. You may be especially at risk if you:

  •  attend public schools/universities
  • watch only mainstream news and read only mainstream publications
  • were raised by a single mother and/or had no male role models
  • idolize Hollywood and pop culture

FD is generally brought on by simply being part of modern society and culture. It is impossible to avoid society altogether, but steps can be taken to avoid those who are contagious and have not yet realized the effects of FD. This is explained more under “Prevention”.


FD can be especially dangerous if combined with other worldly diseases such as socialism/marxism.

Treatments and drugs

While there is no cure for FD, there is a pill, “the red pill”, that can help abate symptoms and lead to a very happy and productive life.  This pill is not an actual pill, but a philosophical one and is a term adapted from the movie, “The Matrix”.  It is the conscious choosing to not just once, but everyday, open your eyes to the lies you were born into and learning the truth about how the world, men, and women operates. The “red pill”, becomes therapeutic and helps ease the pain that FD may have rendered.FD can result in a permanent state of bitterness and loneliness if not recognized and managed.

Home Remedies

Read various “red pill” and anti-feminism blogs and publications that expose the nature of feminism. This will help the individual stay one step ahead of the disease and in charge. “You control FD, rather than FD controlling you”. Regular readings of mainstream material is fine if also tempered with the antidote of anti-feminism material.  Also incorporate preventative measures as listed below.


Unfortunately the only way to prevent FD is to have been born in one of the time periods when FD was at a lull.  Everyone today has FD to one degree or another.  There are several ways, though, to prevent FD from growing:

1. Remind yourself each day, take the “red pill”, perhaps in the morning over coffee or bible study that you have FD. A conscious awareness and positive acceptance can give a lens through which to see the world. With the right frame of mind, instead of jumping to an emotion filled conclusion that a man is harassing you by saying “you look nice” you will probably stop and think that maybe he is just a nice person paying a compliment.

2. Read and stay up to date with materials that specialize in combating FD.  This includes a study of history to better understand women and their eternal restless spirit.

3. Associate and befriend people online and  in real life that also recognize they have FD and are managing with “red pill” therapy.  They will become a support group and hold you accountable for when you go off track and start showing signs of being “like that” (in other words, back under the control  of FD).

4. Avoid those contagious with FD. These are people who have not awoken to the reality of their disease. Once “red  pill” therapy is applied, the contagious ones will be easily identifiable. Contagious women tend to travel in packs known as “the sisterhood” and may individually bluntly call themselves “feminists”. Contagious men travel in packs known as “white knights” and may individually identify as a “women’s rights supporter/equal rights supporter”. College students are especially contagious.

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