Book Exposes NWO’s Hidden Agenda For Feminism & Homosexuality

(source) When discussing the New World Order and its agenda of destroying Western Civilization, the focus seems to be on issues like banking, politics, false flag attacks and whatnot. It’s easy to lose sight of the more subtle (yet equally powerful) weapons employed against mankind, especially the attack on the most basic building block of any society–the nuclear family.

One book recently published by a well-known internet writer covers this topic in a way not regularly seen. Entitled Cruel Hoax…Feminism and the New World Order, Henry Makow PhD of discusses the devastation wrought on Western society by feminism and its ugly twin sisters–the militant homosexual agenda, abortion, pornography and “sexual liberation.” In “Cruel Hoax” Makow shows how a determined enemy can conquer a nation–not with armies and tanks–but with destructive ideas that bore into the load-bearing beams of society.

The book shows that feminism was not a spontaneous grassroots “progressive” movement but rather was deliberately created by elite Communist and CIA agents like Betty Frieden and Gloria Steinem, using the mass media to undermine gender roles and the family. He makes a convincing case that we are being reengineered to behave as homosexuals in every sense except same-sex attraction for the express purpose of sexualizing the population but with no reproduction taking place, at least not in nuclear families.
He asserts that the feminist demand for “equal power” causes this neutering and sex role confusion. Makow maintains that masculinity is defined by power and femininity is defined by love.

“Men want power,” says Makow. “Women want love. Heterosexuality is based on the exchange of female power for male love, and when men trade power for love, they are feminized and when women demand power instead of love they are masculinized.”

Makow’s explanation of heterosexuality is one of the more lucid and original yet offered. In an age where paid mouthpieces and daily television programs blather on endlessly about what men and women are and aren’t, Makow goes right to the most irreducible, simplified of definitions–men represent raw power to protect and provide for a family and women represent the nurturing qualities needed for the human species to survive.

Drawing on historical documentation from the mouths of the New World Order architects and circumstantial evidence abundant to all with eyes to see, Makow paints a frightening picture of a society dying a slow, tortuous death and going out–not with a bang, but a whimper. He cites the changes in attitude about male-female relations as well as marriage and children. He shows how individuals in the West–through a deliberate yet subtle media campaign–have succumbed to a collective narcissistic and overly-sexualized worldview to the point that they can no longer function intellectually, making them easy prey for powerful forces at work in remolding society.

A former teacher of English at the University of Winnipeg in Canada, Makow encountered this agenda first-hand by allowing free and open discussion of male/female relations in his courses. In short time, female students majoring in “Women’s Studies” protested and his contract wasn’t extended. A smear campaign in the media compared him to a doctor who uses his position to fondle female patients. He sued the “Winnipeg Sun” for libel and won.

‘The NWO conspiracy seeks to destroy all collective forces, races, religions, nations and families, anything that competes with the bankers and the power-elite. In its most basic description, it is satanic and anti-God. It seeks to reduce all people to the level described by George Orwell and Aldous Huxley in their classic dystopias.”

Naturally, Makow has been targeted by the usual suspects since beginning his crusade. The Canadian Jewish Congress has issued complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commission over his writings on Zionism. Despite growing up in a secular Jewish home he has rejected the ethno-centric, exclusivist teachings of Judaism and although he does not attend a church, he basically agrees with the teachings of Jesus.

In “Cruel Hoax” he weighs in on the present ‘war on terror’, saying it is rooted in the desire to consolidate the power of the central bankers and create a thinly veiled totalitarian world government. He points out how the NWO architects have been trying for years to destabilize Muslim societies with the same feminist, anti-male and anti-family ideas that have wrought havoc on the West .

He points to the resources the NWO forces have devoted to painting Muslim women as oppressed by their male-dominated societies: ‘Look at all the attention paid to the burkha and headscarf while failing to show the low rates of divorce and out-of-wedlock children in the Middle East.’ he says. ‘They see the success they have achieved in the West by confusing the roles of women and men and are repeating it in the present ‘war on terror’.

Those wishing to understand the true depth of the assault on civilization need to make “Cruel Hoax” required reading. Like special glasses that help bring a confusing picture into focus, it is an eye opener. “Cruel Hoax” demonstrates just how deep the conspiracy against mankind goes and that it is not as remote and far-removed as some people assume.

Those interested in acquiring Cruel Hoax can do so by going to



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